We sell, install and service a wide range of access control systems: Biometric Attendance Management solutions; Facial Recognition solutions RFID card access systems  and Access Control security that have the following benefits:

Benefit #1: Capture unique biological traits. Biometric time clocks use technology to detect a person based on their individual makeup.

Benefit #2: Trust the accuracy of which employee is on the clock. Biometric physiological attributes cannot be duplicated or forged. Supervisors and managers feel confident that they are tracking each employee’s time and attendance accurately.

Benefit #3: Prevent buddy punching practices. Buddy punching is illegal and has cost many employers millions in financial losses each year. It is easily prevented with biometric time clocks. Because the clock captures each employee’s unique traits, a coworker cannot clock in or out for another employee by pretending to be that employee.

Benefit #4: Biometric fingerprint reader eliminates time theft. Companies also lose tremendous amounts of work hours each year because employees waste 20 minutes per day, minimum. Calculating this lost time, and how it impacts the bottom line, is impossible with an old method of managing employee time. That problem is gone forever with this time clock system.

Benefit #5: Biometric fingerprinting also monitors remote workers. This innovative technology can integrate with mobile devices or the internet. The use of biometrics enables employers to monitor employees working in remote places, even if they are halfway around the world.

Benefit #6: Improve employee job satisfaction. Morale can become damaged when employees give extra time without extra privileges. Supervisors can identify those employees with data from the bio metric time clock. Using the accurate attendance information captured, they can reward employees accordingly.

Benefit #7: Increase productivity. Employees who feel better about their jobs will work better. Antiquated time and attendance systems will not accurately track their productivity. Bio metrics removes barriers such as time theft and raises productivity rates.

Benefit #8: Raise company profits. A direct benefit to raising productivity rates is raising profits.

Benefit #9: Improve employee accountability for time management with an audit trail.

Benefit #10: Integrate with current systems.