KitKit Digital Speed Governor-with Recording Device

17 Mar

KitKit Digital Speed Governor-with Recording Device



Kit Kit Digital Speed Governor is a 12/24V dc vehicle speed limiter. It works hand in hand with a speed sensor which can be supplied with the limiter.It ensures that the driver does not exceed the approved speed. A buzzer is sounded when the vehicle reaches the set speed and the fuel supply to the ignition iscontrolled allowing the vehicle not to go past the set speed. After the new regulations set by the government for all commercial vehicles to adapt digital speed governors, Markmann and Company added the feature of the recording device to their Kit Kit Speed governor hence making it digital.

This added feature i.e the recording device has the following features.

  • SMS tracking via SMS / GPRS.
  • Geo-fencing.
  • Speeding alert.
  • Online real time web access with mobile phone view.
  • Immobilization of vehicle via SMS.
  • Personal and Asset safety.

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