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Articles – Markmann


Biometric and Access Control

Biometric Security 101 There are three possible ways of proving one’s identity: Using something you possess (e.g. keys, badge, documentation) Using something you know (e.g. password, code, security question) Using an intrinsic identifying feature (e.g. fingerprint, face) Biometrics are an example of the third type, using biological measurements to identify individuals. Typically, these measurements are […]

New Markmann Digital Speed Governors.

Dear Esteemed customer   We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our digital speed limiters for your fleets.Over the years Markmann & Co. Ltd’s primary in ensuring road safety has not only guided us in offering various speed management solutions but ensured we have integrated various products and consolidated their features to our […]


Esteemed Markmann Stakeholder, As we near the implementation date of the New Speed Governors, We would like to encourage all our clients to adequately prepare for this change. As a Company we have prepared ourselves adequately with world-class products , Branches & Dealers Countrywide and an amazing Customer support department . We will be providing adequate information […]

Real Time Tracking System.

GPS  vehicle tracking and monitoring device. Features include: i. Cut oil and circuit.           ii. Real time tracking. iii. Power off alarm.            iv. Voice surveillance. v. AC anti theft.                    vi. Geo Fencing. vii. Over speed alarm.       viii. Authorization Limitation. https://youtu.be/YL37DExarII

Find out the benefits of having Bio-metric systems in schools.

Biometrics are the biological measurements that all people have and that are specific to them alone. Biometric data includes your height, your iris, and your fingerprint, all aspects of yourself that are perfectly visible, but that most people can’t really differentiate on sight. A high-resolution image is required to be able to use an algorithm […]

Benefits of having our Biometics Systems Installed on your Business Premises.

It manages employee attendance and in and out of office activities. Manages timings(early/late),leaves for departments. Cost Benefits Does away with manual collection of data. Avoids buddy punching since its hard to fake a figure print. Time Saving in in terms of attendance. Integration of company departments eg ; Finance, IT, Human Resource e.t.c Value addition. […]

Training inspection officers at Likoni Industrial Area Base.

We trained them on the following; Basic description of the Kit Kit digital speed governor How the speed governor operates Types of vehicles that use the Kit Kit speed governor Installation instructions Calibration instructions Speed recording device and brief description Speed recording device and installation Access guide to the recording device Profile reports generated by […]