Training inspection officers at Likoni Industrial Area Base.

Training inspection officers at Likoni Industrial Area Base.

We trained them on the following;

  • Basic description of the Kit Kit digital speed governor
  • How the speed governor operates
  • Types of vehicles that use the Kit Kit speed governor
  • Installation instructions
  • Calibration instructions
  • Speed recording device and brief description
  • Speed recording device and installation
  • Access guide to the recording device
  • Profile reports generated by the recording device i.e summary history report and how to generate reports.


We learnt that the following parts of a commercial vehicles are inspected during an inspection:

  • Speed limiter;
  • Fire extinguisher;
  • Headache rack;
  • Load securement device;
  • Under ride protection devices;
  • Retro reflective markings.
  • brakes (if so equipped);
  • coupling devices and towing connections;
  • frame and cross members;
  • glazing (if so equipped);
  • landing gear (if so equipped);
  • reflective markings;
  • load securement devices;
  • Under ride protection devices.

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