Benefits of Biometric Systems for Hotels.

Benefits of Biometric Systems in Hotels Real-time attendance monitoring of hotel staff Efficient scheduling of the staff Manage multiple shifts effectively Real-time reports on employee holidays, absence, late coming, etc. Helps in enhancing the productivity of staff Elimination of buddy-punching by accurate identification of staff Assist in providing accurate and timely salary data for payroll […]

Biometric and Access Control

Biometric Security 101 There are three possible ways of proving one’s identity: Using something you possess (e.g. keys, badge, documentation) Using something you know (e.g. password, code, security question) Using an intrinsic identifying feature (e.g. fingerprint, face) Biometrics are an example of the third type, using biological measurements to identify individuals. Typically, these measurements are […]

New Markmann Digital Speed Governors.

Dear Esteemed customer   We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our digital speed limiters for your fleets.Over the years Markmann & Co. Ltd’s primary in ensuring road safety has not only guided us in offering various speed management solutions but ensured we have integrated various products and consolidated their features to our […]